How to Correctly Use the Brake Precautions for Forklift Brakes

The design of a forklift truck is very special. The front tires are both driving wheels and parking brakes. The entire vehicle only has brakes on the front tires, while the rear wheels are only responsible for steering. The following editor will introduce the precautions for forklift braking to you.


"How can a forklift be stopped in time by braking with only two tires? Therefore, the forklift is designed as a speed limited vehicle, with a maximum speed of only about 20 kilometers. If the speed is slow, the stopping distance will be correspondingly shortened. However, the frequent starting and stopping of the forklift and its own weight determine the overload operation of the brake system, so the brake performance is gradually declining. Correct use of the brake will extend the service life of the brake,", In case of emergency, it is necessary to ensure timely parking.

Stepping on the brakes on icy roads is a very important skill. If the situation ahead allows, try to use engine assisted braking. The number of revolutions of the engine will help you reduce your speed. Remember, whether it's manual or automatic, do not take off the gear when braking. In fact, the most scientific driving method is to drive in gear, and sliding in neutral is not safe, "Some old drivers' neutral taxiing is due to the fact that previous vehicles were carburetor vehicles, while diesel vehicles are rare. However, today's vehicles are electric injection vehicles, and the injection of fuel is controlled by a computer. When coasting in gear, the computer will stop the injection of fuel. If you are in neutral, the engine will inject a small amount of fuel for combustion due to maintaining a slow speed. Therefore, coasting in gear is both fuel efficient and safe, but it only requires people's correct understanding.".