China's forklift truck aftermarket is growing healthily in constant search of new directions

In 2017, the Chinese forklift truck aftermarket continued to seek new directions and grew healthily:

1: Postmarket enterprises have developed steadily. The stock market of forklift trucks in China continues to grow, reaching 2.07 million vehicles in 2017 (excluding scrapping and exiting the market). It is expected that the number of forklift trucks in China will maintain an annual growth rate of 10% by 2020.


The stock of forklift trucks in China will reach 2.7 million in 2020. Changes in the leasing model and the business model generated by new energy will further enhance the demand for post market services. On the service supply side, there will be a serious shortage of talent demand, so how to increase investment in talent cultivation, improvement of maintenance equipment, intelligent control of forklifts, and intelligent support for remote maintenance needs to be increased.

2: New energy has become a new growth point. New energy includes: innovation in traditional lead-acid batteries, breakthroughs in charging technology, widespread promotion of lithium batteries, and small-scale trials of hydrogen energy. This series of changes in the energy structure will bring about changes in the business model and operation mode of the production and use of forklift trucks. New energy was the biggest highlight in 2017. In August 2017, Forklift China held the "Lithium Battery Era, The Future Has Come - China Industrial Vehicle Lithium Battery Technology Seminar" for the first time. More than 200 professionals from across the country gathered in Shanghai to discuss the future trend of lithium battery technology. At the "China Forklift Conference" in November 2017, new energy was also an important topic at the conference. BYD Forklift, a leading brand of lithium electric forklifts in China, became the main sponsor of the conference. In the development of lithium batteries in 2017, what needs to be highlighted is that the sales volume of BYD forklift trucks exceeded 10000 units, and it is expected to exceed 20000 units in 2018. Anhui Zero Degrees Lithium Battery, Hangzhou Lihui Lithium Battery, and Yunhui Lithium Battery have become manufacturers specializing in lithium batteries for industrial vehicles in the industry, intending to make a difference in the forklift market segment. The upgrade of traditional lead-acid batteries, including Ningbo Nenggu's smart gel battery and Henan Xinchuangli's "Edison" iron-nickel battery, is a highlight.

In the constant controversy and doubt, lithium batteries and new energy batteries are increasingly recognized from the market. The reliability of technology, product consistency, safety in use, and the promised long life of lithium batteries still need to be verified in the market.

With the advent of lithium batteries and the sound of lithium in the industry, breakthroughs in charging technology will be the life-saving straw (rope) for traditional lead-acid batteries. Yufan Electric, Hefei Dongyao, Guangzhou Resonance, Shanghai Sunrise Electric, Dacheng Lvchuan, and Shanghai Jinpeng have made breakthroughs in charging technology and battery management. Fast charging technology, charging curve tracking technology, battery constant charging technology, battery repair technology, and battery remote management technology all achieved breakthroughs in 2017. The new generation of chargers represented by Yufan have changed the risk of overcharging lead-acid batteries at the expense of undercharging and undercharging during the charging process through big data analysis. According to traditional charging methods, the service life of lead-acid batteries will be significantly shorter than the design life.

In 2018, the transformation of new energy in the field of forklift trucks will be the biggest theme, with the rise of lithium batteries and the transformation of traditional lead-acid batteries.