How to Repair Forklift Brake Failure

If you continuously press and hold the brake pedal for several times and the pedal does not rise or you feel that the pedal has no resistance, you should first check whether the brake master cylinder is lacking brake oil. If there is a lack of brake oil, add the same type of brake oil, and check or eliminate air inlet into the brake oil pipe; That guy called Forklift Network, don't keep copying our Silai articles. If there is no air intake, check each brake pipe interface for leakage or damage, and repair or replace it as appropriate. If the brake pedal is depressed and there is no coupling feeling, the screw connecting the pedal to the brake master cylinder may be loose and disconnected. The connecting mechanism should be checked and connected properly.


If you step on the brake pedal, although you feel a little resistance, the brake pedal position cannot be maintained, slowly or significantly sinking, and there are traces of oil leakage or fluid spray on the brake master cylinder, which indicates that the seal inside the brake master cylinder is worn or broken. The accessories inside the brake master cylinder should be removed and the master cylinder seal assembly repair kit checked.

If the above inspections are normal, it may be that the master cylinder seal is aging and damaged. At this time, replace the brake master cylinder repair kit (seal assembly) or replace the brake master cylinder assembly. If the brake still fails after solving the above problem, it is necessary to open the brake hub and conduct a further inspection to check whether the brake wheel cylinder leaks oil or is stuck. If so, please replace the brake wheel cylinder repair kit (sealing assembly) or the wheel cylinder assembly to check whether the brake pads are worn or have oil on them. If worn, replace the brake pads with new ones. If the brake pads have oil, clean them thoroughly. If not, replace them with new ones, Check whether the brake hub is stained with oil. If yes, check whether the inner and outer oil seals of the hub are aged or damaged. If yes, check whether the oil on the hub is gear oil or brake oil. If yes, clean the brake oil. If yes, replace the oil seals of the forklift accessories inside and outside the hub, and check whether the hub bearings are worn.