Fault Causes and Solutions of Forklift Brake System

After using electric forklifts for a period of time, common faults such as brake failure and brake deviation often occur in the braking system, affecting the normal use of electric forklifts. In the face of electric forklift brake failure and other situations, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem and find solutions. Let's take a look at the causes of brake system failures on electric forklifts and how to handle them.

1. The two wheels of a forklift cannot brake simultaneously, which means there is a phenomenon of partial braking

Causes and solutions:

1) If the gap between the two brakes of a forklift truck is not equal or the brake pipes of the forklift truck are blocked, the gap between the two brakes can be directly adjusted or the pipes can be dredged;

2) If there is oil stain in the brake drum of the forklift or the brake shoes have been twisted or deformed, it is necessary to remove the oil stain or directly repair or replace the brake shoes of the forklift;

3) Air has entered the brake pipeline of the forklift, so it is necessary to remove the air from the brake pipeline.

2. The hand brake of the forklift is invalid

Cause and solution: The reason for this failure is that the hand brake steel wire is loose, so it is only necessary to adjust the tightness of the hand brake steel wire.

3. Forklift brake failure

Causes and solutions:

1) The clearance between the brake drum and brake shoe of the forklift is too large. Adjust the clearance between the brake drum and brake shoe;

2) The inlet and outlet valves of the forklift brake master cylinder fail. Repair their inlet and outlet valves;

3) The brake friction plate of the forklift has been excessively worn, and the forklift friction plate can be directly replaced;

4) The contact surface of the forklift friction plate is insufficient, repair the friction plate.