Common knowledge of electromagnetic brakes for forklift trucks

With the continuous development of China's infrastructure, the demand for talents in many technical positions has gradually increased. At present, the gap for professional drivers of construction machinery such as excavators and forklifts is also relatively large, and corresponding positions are also in urgent need of talent supplementation. The teacher from the Vocational and Technical College of Sichuan University Science and Technology Park pointed out that it is not very difficult to cultivate skills in forklift driving. It is actually very easy to find a job for yourself through forklift driving. However, in practical work, because forklift trucks themselves are medium-sized construction machinery, driving safety and other issues cannot be ignored. However, let's start with the forklift braking equipment to understand what issues everyone needs to pay attention to in terms of common knowledge of forklift brakes.

Forklift braking equipment is an essential auxiliary component for safe driving of forklifts. For ordinary operations, braking equipment is the first device that everyone needs to confirm before starting work. Therefore, for forklifts using electromagnetic brakes, what issues should be paid more attention to during the use process? Let's have a comprehensive understanding.

Operating principle of electromagnetic brake

For forklifts that use electromagnetic brakes, their braking function is mainly achieved through electromagnetic action. The brake pads in the middle position will be connected to the motor output shaft through bearings, while the magnetic disk iron absorbing friction pads will be directly fixed to the motor end cover. During operation, when there is no current flowing through the magnetic disk coil, there will be a certain gap between the two sides of the brake pads, in which case, the operation of the forklift will not be affected; However, when a braking operation is required, due to the current flowing through the disk coil, the magnet will overcome the pressure caused by the spring due to electromagnetic action, and the brake friction plate will gradually press towards the middle. As the brake plate closes the gap due to the pressure, the braking effect is achieved. [View more forklift operation and maintenance course details]

Precautions for the use of electromagnetic brakes

Generally speaking, the electromagnetic brake has undergone a fixed specification integration during assembly. Through appropriate adjustment, the braking torque of the forklift can be maintained at a high level, and its braking effect can ensure that the braking distance of the forklift during full load and high-speed driving is less than 1 meter. However, it should be noted that in the daily use process, due to the relatively serious wear and tear of electromagnetic brakes, in the case of long-term use, everyone must regularly conduct inspection of the brake pad specifications to ensure that its components are not severely worn or loose, which can ensure the normal braking function and ensure their own safety. In addition, for forklifts with high frequency of use, it is also necessary to regularly correct the electromagnetic brake pads to prevent unnecessary hazards caused by failures such as weak braking.

Maintenance precautions for electromagnetic brakes

The braking equipment itself is an important maintenance point in maintenance, so for daily maintenance work, everyone must strictly perform the maintenance work of electromagnetic brakes. Here, it is important to remind everyone that electromagnetic brakes mainly use electromagnetic force for braking, so everyone must conduct in-depth maintenance of magnetic equipment. To ensure that the braking effect is not affected, everyone should always pay attention to the use of magnetic equipment during maintenance, and timely perform maintenance and replacement if necessary. In addition, there is one point that requires special attention, Forklifts with electromagnetic brakes should avoid working in high magnetic environments, mainly to prevent magnetic fields from interfering with braking performance, while also preventing damage to the function of the brakes.

Forklift driving technology has a great demand for skills and rationality, which can be achieved through continuous practice. To drive more reasonably, everyone needs to constantly summarize their experience and standardize and adjust their driving methods. The teacher from the Vocational and Technical College of Sichuan University Science and Technology Park pointed out that whether it is driving or maintaining a forklift, everyone needs to optimize and adjust their daily work. As long as they can ensure scientific driving, not only can they improve their work efficiency, but also the maintenance and maintenance of the forklift can be more guaranteed.